Adding value to your construction

Etablished in 2018 to provide an efficient, reliable and high quality client representation service.

Offering a project management and consulting service

Specialising in planning, designing and managing the construction environment.


Adding value to your construction.

C&C was established in 2018 to provide an efficient, reliable and high-quality client representation service.

Providing a project management and consulting service specialising in planning, designing and managing the construction environment.

Our focus is to offer a service that adds value to the dreams of our clients, from the complete construction project management package service to individual client consultations for renovation or new build projects. We manage the day-to-day tasks so that you can concentrate on what is most important to you.

Today’s developments are the building blocks of tomorrow’s society.

Project manager

The road to success is always under construction.

Arnold Palmer

The role of a construction project manager

The project manager’s role in construction is to drive the project. Countless elements influencing the end result need to be considered and catered for, always designed and adapted to obtain an outcome that fulfils the client’s needs and taste. The starting point is to define the project scope, precisely identifying all the intentions and important factors involved to provide a framework. From there on we steer the project towards completion.

The human mind has first to construct forms independently before we can find them in things.

Albert Einstein
Together with the reality in which we live and the dreams of our clients, the project budget provides the constraints and thereby shapes the project. A timescale is required to ensure we achieve the anticipated result. In considering those elements we can then define the direction. Changes from one day to another, variables and unforeseen circumstances are unavoidable, therefore planning a construction project in the way we want to see it today is an important foundation to the development.

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning

Gloria Steinem
Our dreams have no limits; they need no vehicle. In construction, planning is the vehicle in which we drive, one of the limits. The distribution of resources, time and risk management, identification of benchmarks, management of the budget, the construction team and the relationships between all parties form some of the project managers’ responsibility. The project managers’ most crucial tool is communication, the pathway to success. Efficient technical communication within the team decides the efficiency of the process. That communication combined with craftwork define the quality of the result. This runs parallel to the reporting of progress and budget to clients, which provide the related service to ensure full client satisfaction throughout the process.

Long-range planning works best in the short term

Doug Evelyn
Once the project scope and timescale is defined, strategies and methods must be determined; planning the construction process. We aim to assemble the best team possible to complete the project. To do so the available resources are evaluated and allocated, from manual input to materials and energy. Overseeing the distribution of resources is one of our specialities, with emphasis on progressive development, sustainable materials, minimal waste and pollution, sustainable energy consumption, the transformation of that energy and an overall eco-friendly build.

I call architecture frozen music

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Project management


The key tasks involved in construction project management and which we focus our energy on include:

  • Estimating and defining the overall project scope and costs;

  • Formulating a budget based on cost estimates of the construction works;

  • Developing time schedules for both the planning and construction phases, continuously analysing and reviewing the schedules to adapt to changes and integrate solutions for variables and unknowns;

  • Coordinating and overseeing the planning process;

  • Environmental considerations and the allocation of resources;

  • Initial communication and negotiation of quotes with trade specialists to develop a contract;

  • Checking technical and contractual details;

  • Planning and coordination of the construction works;

  • Leading the construction team by orienting clients, planners, designers, contractors and manual workers in the same direction while ensuring that analytical tools, processes and reports are provided as and when required;

  • Supervising the works, involving regulatory specialists where required;

  • Providing the client and designers with the outcome they desire through consulting and representation on-site.

We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us

Winston Churchill
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Our project management service is available for both new build and renovation projects.

Site management

Alternatively we offer a separate site management service during the construction phase involving the coordination and supervision of works, enabling the client to manage the planning and engagement of contractors. To some clients this may be useful in the form of regular site visits and supervision summarised in reports. This service is particularly suitable for modular and pre-fabricated construction companies and for office renovation projects in Luxembourg for client companies based abroad.

Consulting service

To client companies looking to outsource certain projects or ensure a continuous presence during busy work periods we offer our services on a freelance basis as site manager and as assistant project manager during planning.

Additionally we offer a civil and structural engineering consulting service combined with property surveys for private clients, architects, construction companies and property developers at an hourly rate. This includes the preliminary structural analysis of existing buildings and outline cost estimates for renovation ideas and projects. This service can similarly be applied to private clients for support during the project finalisation stage and handovers from general contractors or property developers.


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MSc International Management

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